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Butte Valley Soccer Schedule 2017


                    Date           Opponent        Location              Time

                              Aug. 29            Modoc                     Home                          5:00pm

                           Sept. 7             Fall River                Away                           5:00pm

                           Sept. 12           Weed                      Away                           5:00pm

                           Sept. 14           Etna                        Home                          5:00pm

                           Sept. 16           Trinity                      Redding/Home           12:30pm

                           Sept. 21           Fall River                Home                          5:00pm

                           Sept. 26           Mt. Shasta              Away                           5:00pm

                           Sept. 28           Tulelake                 Away                           5:00pm

                           Sept. 30           Trinity                     Redding/Away             1:00pm

                           Oct. 3              Modoc                     Away                           5:00pm

                           Oct. 5              Mt. Shasta               Home                          5:00pm

                           Oct. 10            Etna                        Away                           5:00pm

                           Oct. 12            Modoc                     Home                          5:00pm

                           Oct. 17            Weed                      Away                           5:00pm

                           Oct. 19            Tulelake                  Home                          5:00pm


**First Round of Playoffs is October 24th, Second Round

October 26th, Championships October 28th


Game times might be changed later in the season due to daylight savings


Head Coach: Ivan Mendoza

Asst. Coaches:


Principal: Hiedi Gerig

AD: Martin Deane

AD e-mail: mdeane@bvalusd.org


Revised: June 1, 2017