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Girls' 2017 Season Summary

by Cristal Perez


Varsity Volleyball

This school year’s Varsity Volleyball team coached by Andrea and Nate Baroni,  consisted of 2 seniors, Daniella Macias and Jenny Ramirez, 7 juniors, Kelly Sullivan, Lea Licea, Cristal Perez, Jenny Mathews, Miranda Ledbetter, Pati Graciano, and Nataley Vincent, and 1 sophomore who was moved up, Julissa Garcia. The team captains were Lea Licea, Jenny Ramirez and Cristal Perez. Overall the team had 15 wins and 4 losses and 10 wins and 2 losses in league. The highlight of the season was when the team beat, our rivals, Tulelake, here at our home after three years of defeat. Overall, we had a fairly good season, and were able to advance into the playoffs. In the first round of playoffs, we had a tough but quick game. The team beat Princeton Eagles 3-0 and advanced to the second round of playoffs in Tulelake High School. Our journey stopped here when Tulelake won the match 3-1. Although it was a tough loss, the season for the Varsity Volleyball team was a good run.


Frosh-Soph Volleyball

This school year’s Frosh-Soph Volleyball team coached by Myndy Holbrook consisted of 4 sophomores, Baylin Holbrook, Kylie Winkle, Angelica Gonzalez and Janett Gonzalez, and 5 freshmen girls, Daisy Rojo, McKenzie Anderson, Shahela Haskins, Destiny Mozqueda, and Bebe Daniel. This team’s captains were Baylin Holbrook and Kylie Winkle. Overall, the team had 4 wins and 4 losses, and 3 wins and 2 losses in league. The highlight for the Frosh-Soph team was when they dominated Hayfork 2-0. Overall, the team had a great season and came in 3rd place in the League following Tulelake and Hayfork.



Butte Valley Volleyball Schedule 2017

                      Date         Opponent               Location              Time

                             Aug. 22            American Christian*      Away(Redding)            4:30pm Var. Only

                           Aug. 24            Mt. Shasta                      Home                          JV5 pm Var. follow

                           Aug. 29            Weed                              Away                           JV5pm Var. follow

                           Sept. 2             Triad Tournament          Triad                            TBA

                           Sept. 5             Etna                                Away                           JV5pm Var. follow

                           Sept. 12           Surprise Valley               Home                          5:00pm Var. Only

                           Sept. 14           Dunsmuir                       Away                           5:00pm Var. Only

                           Sept. 16           Hayfork                          Away                           JV1:30pm Var. follow

                           Sept. 21           Tulelake                         Away                          JV 4:30 Var. 6:00    

                           Sept. 26           Big Valley                      Home                          JV 4:30 Var. 6:00

                           Sept. 28           Happy Camp                  Away                           4:30 Var. Only

                           Oct. 5              Surprise Valley               Away                           ***

                           Oct. 6              Hayfork                          Home                          JV3:30pm Var. follow

                           Oct. 10            Dunsmuir                       Home                          5:00 Var. Only

                           Oct. 17            Tulelake                         Home                          JV 4:30 Var. 6:00

                           Oct. 19            Big Valley                       Away                           JV 4:30 Var. 6:00

                           Oct. 24            Happy Camp                  Home                          5:00pm Var. Only

                  *- Double Header (2 varsity)

**First Round of Playoffs is October 31st, Second Round

November 2nd, Third Round November 7th, Championships November 10th


***- Start times will depend on whether a school has a JV team or just a varsity team


Head Coach: Andrea Baroni

JV Coach: Myndy Holbrook


Principal: Hiedi Gerig

AD: Martin Deane

AD e-mail: mdeane@bvalusd.org

Revised: August 16, 2017